sun devil microscopy club

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The Sun Devil Microscopy Club organizes various seminars about new microscopy techniques and instrumentation. We also help with the annual Arizona Imaging and Microanalysis Society conference and provide judges for the local science fairs. Each year we  sponsor an award category at the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair (AzSEF) selecting outstanding posters that incorporate the use of microscopy.

arizona Imaging and Microanalysis society

The Baluch lab helps in organizing the annual AIMS conference which brings together microscopy experts throughout the state of Arizona to network, collaborate and share their research. Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate and compete in the yearly poster session. This day long event is sponsored by the Microscopy Society of America as well as local microscope vendors.  The 2022 conference was held April 8, 2022 at the Univ of Az Phoenix. The 2023 meeting will be hosted in Flagstaff at NAU. For more information go to the AIMS website.

Women in Science

AWIS-Caz and swis


The AWIS-CAZ chapter is hosted at Arizona State University, and provides career training, mentoring and networking for those pursuing a career in STEM. This organization offers assistance to students, faculty and staff, with a special focus towards women, minorities and those with disabilities, to create equal opportunities for education and employment. We combine many of the Sun Devil Microscopy Club events with Women in Science clubs.

Changing How Science is Visualized and Communicated

Baluch Bioimaging Lab

Ugly bug contest

ask a biologist


The Ugly Bug Contest has been a yearly event since it began in 1998 by Marilee Sellers at Northern Arizona University. The website is now housed at the Ask a Biologist website through ASU. This site features past competitions as well as learning activities and stories for K-8 students. Posters and educational materials are distributed to students through local class visits, Az Science Center events, ASU Night of the Open Door and the Flagstaff Festival of Science. For more information go to the Ask a Biologist website.