Baluch Bioimaging Lab

Changing How Science is Visualized and Communicated

Bukola Obayomi

grad Student

Studies the role of biogenic amines in the mouse uterus.

Pi: D. Page baluch, pHd

ASu school of life sciences/KE | assistant Director | research scientist

Dr. Baluch received her PhD in Cellular and Developmental Biology and postdoctoral training in Neurobiology from Arizona State University. Her research focuses on the mouse reproductive system and the role of neural modulators in smooth muscle function. Dr. Baluch lab oversees the Advanced Light Microscopy, Regenerative Medicine and Flow Cytometry core facilities at ASU as well as the shared SBHSE and SOLS core labs. She is also involved in educational outreach, professional/career training and developing methods and tools to improve the accessibility of STEM education to the visually impaired and blind.

Ashleigh gonzales


Ashleigh is studying ways to make image content within STEM disciplines more accessible to the blind and visually impaired. She works with SAAVI in Phoenix, Az.

Benjamin Gonzalez

grad student

Studies fungal evolution and hyphal cytoplasmic flow and develops new imaging techniques to observe obstacle induced branching
responses of fungal hyphae.

karla davis

4 +1 Grad student

Karla studies signaling modulators involved in ovarian function.

shelbi peck

grad student

Shelbi studies signaling modulators involved in ovarian function and techniques in ART.

solange Steadman

4 + 1 grad student

Solange studies signaling modulators involved in male reproductive tissues.

Undergraduate students

Dequan Weston
​Aleksander Miller 
​Jacob Hayes